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This application operates only by iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch3(except for 8GB), iPod touch4 and iPad.

The gun is the man's romance!!
Align the sights on the enemy fleets and shoot the bullets.
You will be the King of Pirates after 50 levels complete domination!!

Over a treasure map owned by "The King of Guns: Bacchus", the two pirate teams fight violently. "Gun pirates: Bacchunia" rains artillery fire on "Charge Pirates: Chargell" day by day. Can't they really defend their ship Baccunia and the treasure map, can they !?
(Bacchunia is NOT Buccaneer, okay?)

~Bacchunia's law~
Basic Operations
- Aim at the enemy battleships and fire the bombs intently.
- Shell's power and effectiveness are different depending on the type.
- When allowed to collide with the enemy ship, it means death.

- With calculating the trajectory and speed, shoot enemies in good timing. Pirates DO NOT rush.
- Keep in mind that the treasure or damage vary depending on the location of the impact.
- For strong fleets, such a tough high-speed ferries and a huge battleships, you should attack their very narrow weaknesses.

- Sink a ship one by one or even annihilate an entire Fleet. Overwhelm the enemy with a bold idea.
- DO NOT complain about the order of the loaded bombs. Usage of bomb and brain is up to you.

- Fight it out all 50 stages of the five themes provided to quirky crews.
- Theme music which makes battle excitement should listen up. To listen to the magnificent melody is even better.

Check it out your achievement with GameCenter.
Until called "The Pirate among pirates" , you can not rest even for a moment!!