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DeckMake Fantasy

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This application only operates on iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch3, iPod touch4, and iPad.
-One who control the card will conquer the world-

- Concept -
[DeckMake Fantasy」 is a RPG card battle game which you fight the monsters with deck made from mysterious cards that incarnate magic and weapon attacks. Save the world by making your one and only one DECK using your knowledge!

- Story -
Once upon a time, there was a mysterious continent where weapon, magic, and item were let out by [card]. One who control the [card] was called [card master]. Kings of five countries relied on that [card master]s to keep all the countries safe. Suddenly...monsters start to attack town and people leading it to total confusion....

At that time, there was one boy starting on a journey from Firsta, where many of adventurere are born. All the secrets coming out as he battles monsters to become great [card master]. What will happen to the countries and the boy!?

- Visual & Sounds -
*Dotted pictures in the game reminds you of retro atmosphere
*Guild's girl, card shop master...unique character will lead you through out the story!
*BGM heats up the battle scenes!We recommend you to turn the BGM up all the way!

- System & Tutorial -
1. Deckmake
*Create your own deck by choosing 20 cards out of all the cards. There is no rule. Put in any cards you want! Doesn't matter if it's same kind of card.
*Think about card's type and special features when creating the deck. Your knowledge will lead you to defeat the monsters!
*HP(hit point) will vary depending on how you make your deck. Watch out for the balance between card's attack and HP point(power).

2. Battle
*There will be powerful enemies waiting for you. Analyze their features and customize the deck that can defeat them!!
*Get new card as a reward by exterminating monsters. Continue with battles to become stronger!
*Different kinds of cards are sold in each town. Will you be able to collect it all?...

3. Tips for adventure
*There will always be "Monster extermination request" in the Guild. Ask where those monsters are!!
*Plenty of information in the Guild where adventurers gather. Maybe you'll get to hear unforeseen episodes about something other than monster!?