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Touch Detective

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[for Android Users]
Please read before downloading.
■Required OS:Android 2.2 and later
■To download and play this application (210MB), please have space as much as possible.
■The download of extension data file will begin when the application is started up for the first time. It might use external/internal storage to unzip and save the extension data file. Please watch the space of the storages.
■We strongly recommend to use the Wi-Fi to download the extension data file.
■The application might not run well when multiple application is running at the same time. In this case, please quit the application and try again.
■There are some possibility that the application do not run smoothly. The application can be played free for the tutorial to the first half of chapter 1. Please purchase the later chapters after playing the free part.
■[Chapter 1 – Chapter 2, Part 1] is Free、after Chapter 2, part 2 and Bonus Chapter: “Funghi Breaks Out!” are charged.
■The later chapter can be played after purchasing the chapter from in-app purchase. Please check the price at purchasing screen in the application.
・[Complete Collection (from Ch. 2 Part 2 on)] Best to buy!!
・[Ch. 2 Part 2 – Ch. 3 Part 1]
・[Ch. 3 Part 2 – Ch. 4 Part 1]
・[Ch. 4 Part 2 – Bonus Chapter: “Funghi Breaks Out!”]
■There is the case that the application cannot be downloaded due to the update of OS.
■Once the chapter is bought separately, the Complete Collection cannot be purchased.(There is no difference between the Complete Collection and chapter sets)

* Special Site!
* Touch Detective - App Store!
* Touch Detective - Google Play!

"Thanks for waiting..."

Google PlayURL

* Original Story "Touch Detective" (4 chapters in all)

Become Mackenzie, a fledgling detective, and solve various mysteries in a "Touch Adventure"!
The controls are simple...investigate suspicious items and people with a single touch!!
The items and testimonies you collect are the keys to the mystery...apply your deductive skills and intuition to tough(?) cases!
Capturing a dream thief, rescuing a snow fairy...all four chapters of a mysterious tale with heart!
Loaded with bonus scenarios, too!

* Bonus: "Funghi Breaks Out!" (3 chapters in all)

A special escape game, exclusive to the app version... with Funghi as the hero!
One morning, Funghi wakes up to find himself locked in Mackenzie's room!
A mysterious shadow in the attic...Mackenzie and Cromwell plotting in whispers...something is definitely wrong!
Can Funghi escape the worst danger in the history of "Touch Detective"!?

* Plenty of extras!

Includes an awesome, "too hardboiled" intro movie!
See another side of Mackenzie with the Touch List!
Back by popular demand from the DS version - enjoy all the background music on the Jukebox!

* Get in "touch" with Mackenzie and Funghi with official contents!

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@ozawarina (Japanese Only)
@nameko_nnf (Japanese Only)