"Mushroom Garden" for Android is Released

Beeworks Co., Ltd. (HQ:Tokyo, Japan) has released the Android version of "Mushroom Garden" (a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit) to the Android Market all throughout the world.
What is "Mushroom Garden"?
- Over 2,000,000 downloads of the iOS version (current as of December 13th)
- A spinoff of the adventure game "Touch Detective"
- The iOS version of "Mushroom Garden" (a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit) became a huge hit in Japan as well as the rest of Asia!
- AppStore Game Ranking #1: Japan, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc…
- Experiencing the joy of harvesting and the cute visuals have made it a hit.
About "Mushroom Garden"
* Harvesting feels great!
Harvest an entire log full of mushrooms in a single swipe!
* Complete your Library!
30 kinds of mushrooms have been discovered so far!
Collect the first 30 species to get the "Mutant Mushroom" page added to your Library!
* Daily mushroom care!
Be careful not to ignore your mushrooms, or they'll dry up!
'Mushroom Garden' specifications
Genre : Game
Application Type : Casual
Price : Free
Requires: Android2.2 or later.
Anddroid Market URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=jp.co.beeworks.funghiGardeningKit
Special Site URL: http://beeworksgames.com/~touchdetective/gardeningkit/index.html
Faacebook URL: http://www.facebook.com/beeworksgames.en
What is "Touch Detective"?
Since first being released for the Nintendo DS in 2006, "Touch Detective" has attracted a strong fan following with its slightly dark characters, mysterious and heartwarming story, and unique outlook, and is now being released as an iOS app with an all-new bonus episode!
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