"Touch Detective 2 1/2" for iOS is Released

Beeworks Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo. President: Kenichi Kaneko) are proud to announce that the iOS app "Touch Detective 2 1/2" will be made available on the App Store on March 22, 2012.
This is the sequel to the popular NDS/iOS Adventure Game "Touch Detective."
The iOS version of "2" has these amazing features:
- Includes the app-only "Funghi: The Interviews"!!
- Detective vs. Master Thief... Plenty of new characters!!
- Refined graphics for iOS!
AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id502796729
"Touch Detective 2 1/2" Basic Information
Title: "Touch Detective 2 1/2"
Genre: Game
Category: Adventure/Family
Price: [Chapter 1 . Chapter 2, Part 1] Free
[Ch. 2 Part 2 . Ch. 3 Part 1] [Ch. 3 Part 2 . Ch. 4 Part 1] [Ch. 4 Part 2 . Ch.5] $3.99 each
[Complete Collection (from Ch. 2 Part 2 on)] $8.99
Supporting Devices: iPhone4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later
(excluding 8GB models) , iPad, and iPad2.
"The new iPad" is NOT supported.(We have a plan to support it.)
Required OS: iOS 4.0 or later.
Summary "Touch Detective 2 1/2" for iOS
"Touch Detective 2 1/2" (5 chapters in all)
- The 2nd installment of the original "Touch Adventure"!!
- The controls are simple...investigate suspicious items and people with a single touch!!
- The items and testimonies you collect are the keys to the mystery...apply your
deductive skills and intuition to tough(?) cases!
- 5 completely new episodes!!
- Loaded with bonus scenarios, too!
Bonus: "Funghi: The Interviews" (4 chapters in all)
- A new app-only episode starring Funghi!!
- Funghi is the one who called all the people related to the case together!?
- Funghi is going to question the witnesses to prepare investigation report!!
- What task is Funghi burdened with!?
About the "Touch Detective" series
- The original game was released on the Nintendo DS in 2006, with the sequel following in 2007.
- Help newbie detective Mackenzie (the heroine) and her assistant Funghi solve numerous tough (?) cases in this "Touch Adventure."
- Popular for its slightly dark characters and mysterious and heart-warming setting.
- The spin-off game "Mushroom Garden" is a huge hit across Asia.
- The "Touch Detective" series has been downloaded over 8.8 million times!
iOS "Touch Detective": http://itunes.apple.com/app/id438842356
Funghi Paradise : http://namepara.com/
'Touch Detective', 'Mushroom Garden' Copyright
© 2011 Beeworks / SUCCESS All rights reserved.