"Mushroom Garden Deluxe" is Released

The Luxurious Mushroom Garden for You.
Beeworks Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo. President: Kenichi Kaneko), is proud to announce that whole new app of "Mushroom Garden" series titled "Mushroom Garden Deluxe" (a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit Deluxe) is released to AppStore and Android Market all throughout the world. 
AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id540624931
GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.beeworks.mushroomDX
Whole New App: "Mushroom Garden Deluxe"
* It still has the great feeling of harvesting, and more advanced features are added! 
* The essences to play much deeper, and much longer were added!
1. The "Log" is important!
The log becomes very important in this “Mushroom Garden Deluxe”.
Rare Funghi will sprout on the log with higher level.
2. Cromwell's "Request" System
Cromwell became selfish!?
Happy surprise might happen wen you clear the request from Cromwell. 
3. Advanced Library
Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals holds the key to advance the Library. 
Library change depending on collected number of Funghi. 
4. The "Events"
Participate in the events and get the seasonal items!
The first event is planned in August. 
5. The BGM Added
Music makes cultivation mucu more fun!!
All new 6 music were installed. These were created by Toshiko Tasaki, the sound-creator of Touch Detective. 
What is “Mushroom Garden”?
The world’s first “genuine mushroom-growing simulation” game. 
*Spin-off app of the adventure game “Touch Detective”
* Over 15 million downloads (as of July 11, 2012)
* Cultivate and harvest the Funghi by single finger!
◇ Funghi★Paradise Funghi's Official Site: http://namepara.com/en/
◇ Mushroom Garden Deluxe Special Site: http://namepara.com/deluxe/en/
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