"Brave Caravan"(English Version) is Released

Beeworks (based in Tokyo, Japan), known for the popular "Mushroom Garden" that recorded total of 42 million downloads around the world, has released the English localized version of the new pixel style art RPG game "Brave Caravan" on both Google Play and App Store. The original Japanese version has been enjoyed by many users, and many gamers around the world wanted the English localization of this title. Now that voice has been heard and has been released in English for everyone to play! 
Please note, for existing players residing outside of Japan who are already playing the Japanese version of "Brave Caravan" for both Google Play and App Store, the title support will cease on the existing Japanese version. Existing users will need to transfer their game data to the English version. The existing Japanese version will cease its distribution for data migration on February 13, 2017, and the game server will close at 14:00 (JST). Users who are currently playing the Japanese version of "Brave Caravan" will still be able to carry over the current gameplay progress to the new English version during the following period. (Data Transfer Period:January 30, 2017〜February 13, 2017 14:00 JST) 
Special Site:https://beeworksgames.com/bravecaravan/en/
【Title Overview】
Title Brave Caravan
Genre Pixel Art Action RPG
Release Date  January 30, 2017
Supported OS iOS6.0 or over/Android4.0 or over
Price Free to Play(In-game Item Purchase Available)
Princess Glinde leaves the kingdom with sword in hand to find her father and brother who have been missing since they left for an expedition to defeat monsters.
Thus begins her journey to save the kingdom with the members of the mercenary caravan (Brave Caravan) she meets along the way.
What awaits them at the end of their journey? 
Mobile App RPG that everyone can enjoy
“BRAVE CARAVAN” is a fusion of the popular Hack & Slash style, and Treasure Finding gaming, translated onto a side-scrolling action RPG! Every equipment drop from enemy monsters may look similar, but each comes with randomized abilities. Players can come up with their own strategy by combining various character skills and traits, with equipment abilities, finding the best synergy that suits their playstyle to battle through the toughest dungeons
Game Progress Data Transfer from Japanese Version to
On February 13, 2017 14:00 JST, two weeks after the release of "Brave Caravan (English Version)," the title will go under system maintenance to end the service of the Japanese version for the existing users who downloaded the game outside of Japan.
After this maintenance, users who downloaded "Brave Caravan (Japanese Version)" outside from Japan will not be able to continue playing the game on the Japanese Version. However, users will be able to transfer their current Japanese Version game progress to the new English Version during the following period:
■”Japanese Version” to “English Version” Game Progress Data Transfer Period
January 30, 2017(Monday) – February 13, 2017(Monday) 14:00
■How to Transfer Game Progress
Special Site:https://beeworksgames.com/bravecaravan/en/
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