Service Termination Announcement for Older Apps and Electronic Books

Thank you for your continued support of BEEWORKS GAMES.
We are sorry to announce that on February 28, 2020, we will be terminating service for many of our older apps and electronic books.
We would like to thank all of our fans who have played and supported these games over the years.

Apps/Electronic Books up for Service Termination

 Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumon (iOS/Android)
 Touch Detective Fortune-telling (iOS)
 Touch Detective miso-soup recipe (iOS)
 Mushroom Garden (Android)
 Mushroom Garden Seasons (Android)
 Touch Detective (iOS/Android)
 Touch Detective 2 1/2 (iOS/Android)
 Mushroom Garden Deluxe (iOS/Android)
 Super Gourmet Creature Mogumon: Yum! Big Bites (iOS/Android)
 The Crab & the Monkey (iOS/Android)
 Walk-a-Funghi (iOS/Android)
 魔ニファクチュア (iOS)

Reason for Service Termination

The apps listed above were developed in the early 2010s using systems which are no longer compatible with new mobile devices. As a result, many of these apps no longer run as expected when opened with a new or updated mobile device.

After carefully assessing the situation, we came to the conclusion that updating each of these apps to meet newer system requirements would require more development resources than we currently have available.

We sincerely apologize to our fans and users of these apps and ask kindly for your understanding.

Users With Apps Already Installed

If you have any of the above apps installed on your current device, you may continue to play them as normal even after service is terminated. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with future OS updates.

In addition, we will no longer be able to provide user support for the above apps after the date of service termination.

We ask kindly for your understanding and cooperation.


Announcement of Termination:
February 19, 2020

Service Termination:
February 28, 2020 16:00 JST