Service Termination for "Brave Caravan" Announcement

We are sorry to announce that on March 31, 2020 16:00 JST we will be termination service for "Brave Caravan".

For all of our users who have continued to play and support "Brave Caravan" over the years, we would like to sincerely apologize for the sudden announcement.

Since we released the app in July 2016, we have had the privilege of receiving the support from so many dedicated players and fans.

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue providing you with the level of service necessary to meet your expectations.

As a result, we have made the difficult decision to terminate service for the game.

In preparation for the termination of service on March 31, 2020 16:00 JST, we will be implementing the following changes to the game.

Although only a short amount of time remains, we hope that you continue to enjoy playing the game to the fullest.

■Remaining Schedule

・Announcement of Service Termination

February 25, 2020 16:00 JST

・Removal of In-App Purchases (Manastone)

March 3, 2020 12:00 JST

※Any Manastones you already have can be used as normal

・Termination of Service

March 31, 2020 16:00 JST

※After service termination, the app will no longer run even if installed