"That rice ball is all you get. But if you grow this seed, you can get many fruits. "
Trusting what Monkey said, Crab traded rice ball with seed.

Crab grew the seed and got many fruits.
Then Monkey came and climbed the tree.
It ate all ripe fruit and threw the immature fruits to Crab.
Poor Crab got shot down and died.

Children of Crab asked friends to help and took their revenge to Monkey.


How to play

1. Monkey will throw the persimmon from where "!" is shown.
2. Move the Crab by tapping and fend off the persimmon.
3. See what is waiting for the Crab when it got shot down by persimmon…

App Store

Price free
Category Game
Genre Action
Required OS iOS6.0 and later

Google play

Price Free
Category Game
Genre Casual
Required OS Android 2.3.3 and later